Monday, 1 February 2016

DIY with terrible instructions with Brodie : Personalising folders

So I just finished decorating my folder go for school and it turned out pretty good.
 It took me a few minutes to do and like $8.
So if you'll like to know how to do it, read on!
Faces were blurred out because people don't like being associated with me, lol

1. Print a bunch of photos
I got photos of different stuff printed, like photos of my friends, interests and jaden smith quotes cause they're really funny.

2. Get a folder
Pretty self explanatory. I got one for $2 at Kmart

3. Get blutack or whatevs and put it on the back of our photos.
I used one small lump on each

4. Position them and shit
Also pretty self explanatory

5. Get some glad wrap, or whatever the plastic wrap for food is called.
Or you could be fancy and use clear contact, but where's the fun in that?

6. Cover all the front of the folder with it with extra on the edges
Or cover the whole thing if you did the front and back

7. Fold it over the edges onto to inner side and tape it down.
We're pretty much done


If your feeling fancy, put like a whiteboard inside
How you ask?

1. Get a piece of paper

2. Cover it in glad wrap

3. Tape it all to the back of the paper so the glad wrap don't fall off

4. Stick that down onto the inside of your folder.

And your done, your an absolute DIY master!!

If you do follow my advise and do this, send a photo to me of your masterpiece and I'll post it here to show the world how great you are!

That's all, thanks for reading
 Sorry for the shitty photo and post quality, I'm tired

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