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Sunday, 31 January 2016


Quick update, I made a Twitter account! Yay
So follow me on that : @brodie_milo
Yeah, that's it


Saturday, 30 January 2016

Back to school

This is not my school, we don't have lockers. They were removed because drugs were stored inside of them.

So I haven't really posted anything because I've been busy... Watching renovation shows for the last few weeks because I was pretty tired and wasn't bothered to do much else.

School holidays officially ended on Friday for me, but we had the swimming carnival so it didn't really count. So this week the school year actually starts. We've all gotten our time tables online and mines not to bad. I've got a few strict teachers and I know I've got at least one friend in each class except maths.

But the thing with maths class is nobody had any idea what's going on. They had like a seminar for student and parents, but my parents didn't even go so I can't ask them. My 23 year old cousin and her boyfriend took me. There were quite a few glances of disapproval from some other parents because of how young they were because they all thought they were my parents. But anyway, no one has a clue what's going on.

I can't even remember school that well, it's kinda been blocked from my mind. But I'm sure the memories will come flooding back as soon as I walk into my first class.

That's about it mainly cause I'm too tired to type,
Here's a photo of a goat:


Wednesday, 20 January 2016

I'm a minister now?

Last night I was really tired so I decided to sign up as a minister with the Universal Life Church and the American Marriages Ministry. So now I can preform weddings and baptise people. So if your in Sydney and thinking about getting married, contact me ( ) and I'll do the marrying thing for you and your fiancé.

The other night, it was 4:00am and me and my friend Kenny were sitting on the couch at his place while our friends Diet Pill and Alex were upstairs sleepin. We were at the stage where your really tired and everything is hillarious and you get crazy ideas. Well we were watching pop Asia and the tweets from people watching the show came up. So we started shouting and made a Twitter account so we could post a comment. But by the time we finished the show was over. For some reason at the time we thought we were the funniest people on earth.

That's about it, thanks for reading, comment on anything weird you've done while really tired, drunk or high,

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Deadpool Movie Rated R

So, recently an ex marvel comics writer named Grace Randolph started a petition to make another Deadpool movie PG-13 because some little kid said he wanted to see it. He made a list about why he wanted to see it and not once did he say because Deadpool was in it.

This gets me pretty pissed off because the Deadpool comics Aren't really made for kids. Alont of them have parent warning not for kids signs on them and there are series's that have more graphic violence than usual, heavy coarse language and nudity.

I'm a big fan of Deadpool and even though I'm not old enough to legally see the movie, I still don't want it to be shitty because some little kid who likes superhero movies wants to see it.

This isn't even a superhero movie. It's about Deadpool, a homocidal schizophrenic mercinary.

Anyway, thanks for reading my rant. Watch the video here and tell me what you think, I dunno, argue with me and point out flaws, I like arguing. and here's a link to all of the amazing trailers release (watch awesomeness, press here)

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

God of war 1 and 2

Their may be some spoilers. But it's kinda old so you know. If you don't wanna know how they end, don't read it.

So just before Christmas I started playing the video game God of war, it has been remastered for PS3 from the PS2. I finished the first one a while ago and am now one the second one.

It's based on Greek mythology and follows the Spartan warrior Kratos, who used to be a servant to Aires the God of war. When Aires starts to attack Olympus the other gods aid Kratos in Killing him. After this, Kratos becomes the God of war.

In the second game, Kratos is betrayed by Zeuse and his godly poweres are taken away. he then goes in search of the sisters of fate so he can go back in time to change his fate and return to his position as the god of war.

Anyway, if your looking for a game series to play for a while, this game can be run on PS2, PS3 and PS4(selected games). You can pick up the first and second game on one disk for about AUS$16 second hand.

Anyway, I rate this about 8/10. I really like this game. It's pretty gory at some parts, theres brief nudity. It's rated M and yeah.
That's about all I have to say
Thanks for reading,

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Ask me Questions and Stuff

So I've decided to start awnsering any questions you guys might have. It can be about anything you like. Opinions, homework, social problems, ect. And I'll awnser it the best I can.
So yeah, any questions or requests for something I should post about, ask away. Here's my email:
Contact me about anything!

Teenage Blogger Central

Teenage blogger central is a website I just applied to have my blog advertised on. It's a great website and has a collection of different teen blogs. It's a great Idea to check it out if you're starting a blog and are also a teen. Or just browse to see if there's any interesting blogs for you to read. It's great having a website like this to help young adults advertise and get the word out about their blogs.
Here's the link so you can check it out:


Monday, 11 January 2016

What I send time on on the Internet Browsing

Here's a short list of people and websites I follow on the Internet and pretty much how I spend my time.

9gag is one of those websites where people post pictures and stuff and you like or comment or whatever

Pretty much the same as 9gag

Exploring With Josh:
This guy makes videos where he explores old abandoned places like schools, mental hospitals, ect. It's surprisingly amazing and entertaining to watch

College Humor:
Another website where people post stuff.

Some news, some whatever people want to post.

It's pretty much just pages and pages of random semi demonic seaming text with little to no grammar and random codes that I rummage through looking for some kind of inspiration I guess. Apparently it was written by a schizophrenic man. I give it a solid 5/7.

One of the first links that came up when I was browsing different blogs. I clicked on it and it's pretty good.

Thought Catalog:
People post articles of whatever they want.

I was kinda stuck for ideas since it's Monday so I posted this. Thanks for reading,

Sunday, 10 January 2016

The Anarchy Alphabet

Last year me and Kenny made an punk alphabet and it ended up amazingly. So I've decided to share this sacred text with you guys. Enjoy

A is for Anarchy: a punk's best friend.
B is for Bollocks: never mind the-
C is for Cutting: leave it to the emos.
D is for Diesel: a mad-o
E is for Ecstasy: you know what else is bad for squirrels.
F is for F**ks: none shalt be giveth.
G is for God: We do not need any
H is for Hell: we're definitely going there.
I is for Ignorance: f**k the police.
J is for Jokes: they mean nothing.
K is for Killing: you better watch out.
L is for Lithium: a great song, a great drug
M is for Misotheism: we're out to offend.
N is for Niger (the country): We can't say their word.
O is for Offence: you better take it.
P is for Psychonaut: another name for Kenny.
Q is for Quiet: never again.
R is for a Riot: get out your flamethrower.
S is for Safety Pins: stuck through the skin.
T is for Tyranny: to be overthrown.
U is for Uranium: let's mutate a bitch
V is for Vendetta: f**k you and everything you stand for.
W is for Working Class: if only.
X is for Xanax: to calm the f**k down.
Y is for Yobs: almost chav.
Z is for Zeppelin: Led.

Thanks for reading guys, add any comments on what I should post about,

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Diet Pill

So my friend Diet Pill asked me to write about how amazing she is.

I met Diet Pill in year 1. We were in the same class. So was my other friend Taylor. They were the reason  I met my friends I had in primary school. Now I have 2 of our original primary school group left as friends, Diet Pill and Kenny. Diet Pill was there for me for pretty much the whole of primary school and still is now we've gone to high school. She has helped me through troubled times and I'm very grateful. We have so many great memories. 

Diet Pill used to do amazing fake wounds out of tissue paper and paint back in year 6 because then we weren't on any sport teams so we'd stay back at school while everyone else was out playing against other schools and do nothing for pretty much the whole of Friday.
In year 5 and 6, Diet pill was there to help me through all my dumb problems and stuff and I'm forever grateful. She understood what I was going through more than most people ever could. If it wasn't for her I don't think I could have made a full physical recovery.

In year 4 we did an activity for a term where we had to have partners. Me and Diet Pill were together and we had a group called the amazing pineapples. We were pretty much the best group ever. 
We made a short lonely planet book on Argentina and the other day we were telling some high school friends about it and we were saying how it took us a week to do but they missunderstood and thought we went to Argentina for a week. I think they still do now, because we went along with it and said we did.

We've had so many good times throughout highschool in just two years that I can't choose a few to tell you guys about. Deathgasm, the tub of milo, me puking in the night, camp, everything, running away from our friends at lunch while Kenny sacrificed himself for us. And so many others.

Diet Pills and amazing person and an inspiration to me every day.
I look up to her so much and  I'm glad to even know her, let alone have her as my best friend (and you too Kenny).
Thanks for reading guys,

Friday, 8 January 2016

Keeping your house safe from burglars

How to keep your house safe from burglars

Any good burglar knows how to use symbols to mark out traits of a house right? If your not a good burglar, or not a burglar at all then you probably have know idea what I'm talking about.
Well, burglars draw or mark different symbols outside houses and each have different meanings that will aid their fellow burglars in breaking in.
Here are some examples


So now I've explained what they are, here's how to keep the burglars away.
Draw small symbols on your driveway or near by, not too noticeable, but if someone was looking for them  they'd see. Draw symbols that say things about how secure your house is.Eg:
Nothing worth stealing
Police active - avoid
Burglar alarm
Pointless trying
Avoid area
High risk

These will put the burglars off stealing from your house.

I do not recomend using these instead of a burgalar alarm system or any of the protection systems above in the list. I do suggest installing at least one of these. This is just a joke cause I was bored and had no ideas. But these Symbols are used so be careful.

Don't sue me.

I hope this entertained you,

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Making Money

It's that time of the year, where I've spent all of my money on friends presents and stuff on sale from Christmas. I literally have $7.65 and some other loose change lying around my room. But, I now have cool shirts so it's ok. So since I have almost no money, here are some ways to make extra money.

Get a part time job:
I can't cause I'm too young, but getting a part time job locally is a great idea. You learn skills for the future and make at least minimum wage (results may vary depending on state or country). Keeping it local is also a key point so that it's easy to get to. And when you work in a local area, other possible employers may see you, and know that you have expirience when contemplating hiring you.

Walk dogs:
A lot of people don't have enough time to walk their dogs and will pay you to do it. Just make sure your strong enough to walk the dogs without them running off. That'll take quite a bit of explaining to their owners.

Do jobs for neighbours:
Ask if your neighbours need any jobs done, like gardening and house work.

Do jobs for parents:
Ask your parents if they have anything for you to do to earn some extra money.

You can make flyers to put up around your neighbourhood. It helps to have some kind of training, like a first aid course or some previous jobs. It also helps if you don't run around lighting barbie dolls on fire and sitting at the gas station late at night so you can keep a good reputation. Parents will talk about how you did with other parents, so if your good at baby sitting people will find out and you'll get more jobs.

Bad  ways of making money (highly not suggested)

There are quite a few different bad ideas for making money, these include;
Selling drugs
Borrowing money off mafia groups
Selling your kidneys or other organs
Kidnaping kids to sell to pedofiles
Mercenarie or assassin jobs

I hope you guys find these ideas useful and now know that it's not ok to kidnap kids,

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Going Back to school - Friends

 After spending a year with people in your class, making new friends and forming new bonds. It can be difficult to keep those relationships going because of changing classes. Every year in high school becomes more busy than the last.

What happened to me last year didn't end too well.
So in Yr 7, I made a friend in my class. We became best friends throughout the year and did a lot together. It was pretty great. Then, in Yr 8, we weren't in the same classes and we didn't spend as much time with each other because we weren't in the same class. She became pretty rude and made up problems to get attention from my friend Diet Pill. This is how I knew that we obviously weren't meant to be best friends, because we didn't keep connected with this lack of bonding time.

If even after problems, class changes and other hurdles to overcome in life. If you still best friends with someone, even with arguments, there worth staying friends with.

Hope you enjoyed,

21 activities for rainy days

It's been raining for what feels like days where I am, and it's a bit boring sometimes. Here's some things to do when it's raining outside.

 1. Build a pillow fort and watch movies

 2. Bake cookies

 3. Do origami

 4. Start learning a language

 5. Draw or paint

 6. Make music playlists for different occasions

 7. Write letters to your favourite celebrities

 8. Dress up your pets

 9. Write stories

10. Drink hot chocolate

11. Clean your room

12. Movie series marathons

13. Sleep

14. Find online tutorials and learn something new

15. Call up old friends

16. Knit

17. Read books

18.  Sort through your clothes

19. Organise your schedule

20. Plan something to do when it stops raining

21. Sleep

I hope this cures any bordom you've suffered from being trapped inside your house waiting out the rain. Thanks for reading,


Tuesday, 5 January 2016


God damn twelvies, there everywhere these days. Not all twelvies are bad though. Just the really really twelvie ones. The ones who wear 5kg of makeup on their faces, and wear denim underwear for shorts.
The worst type of twelvies
It's fine if they put on a bit of eyeliner or mascara or lipstick. But they have such young and healthy skin most of the time that they don't need any foundation or whatever. Those dresses practically don't come past their waists in that photo! And yeah, if you wanna wear shorts that's cool, but don't make them so short that they become a bloody g-string. And when people at my school carry handbags instead of backpacks it pisses me off. Most of the time they can't fit there books in there so they carry them around. They need to get a backpack big enough to hold their stuff.

Anyway, moral of the story is. If you don't want to be a twelvie, don't dress like the girls in the photo above. And don't talk about doing pot and smoking cigarettes, it's not cool. I understand that your growing up and you wear shorts a bit shorter and show a bit more skin and start using a bit of makeup, that's fine,  just don't go over the top.

Thanks for reading, there's a section at the botom of the page if you wanna follow me,

27 fun things to do outside your house

Do you spend too much time inside ? I've got a solution for you. Here's my list of fun things to do out of the house.

1. Go camping with friends

2. Race shopping carts at the mall/shopping centre

3. Go out for breakfast/lunch/dinner with a group of friends

4. Picnic at a park

5. Go to the beach

6. Save up some money and go shopping

7. Do jobs for neighbours to save up money for number 6

8. Go to a waterpark or theme park 

9. Play paintball

10. Play the Walmart game (can be done at any store)
       > buy three things that will freak the cashier out the most

11. Go see little kids movies and scream in fear all the time

12. Buy 2 litres of chocolate milk and see how fast you can drink it all

13. Find a job

14. Vollunteer somewhere

15. Go swimming 

16. People watch in a busy place

17. Get a shopping trolley with your friend inside it and race other people with shopping trolleys or            prams/strollers

18. Organise yourself for next school term

19. Start photography

20. Do dumb stuff with friends 

21. Go to the cinema

22. Camp out on your front lawn/back garden

23. Go to the city and bark at people

24. Roadtrip

25. Find a new place for you and your friends to hang out

26. Walk your pet. Dosent matter what it is. Find a way.

27. Spend a whole day in bed

I'm  about 2 weeks into my school holiday, which means I've got roughly 4 more weeks left, which means I still have heaps of time to do stuff outdoors. I hope you guys  (if anyone actually reads this) have gotten ideas on what to spend your time doing outside the house so you don't end up inside forever. I may post one on what to do indoors though.
Anyway, Cheers

Monday, 4 January 2016

Why Do I Blog?

I decided to start blogging because of boredom. I had nothing to do and felt a bit purposless, and considering that it's holidays I have time to do this.
I was reading some DIY tutorials and I thought, 'hey, I can do that'. So I started a blog about general teenage stuff.
At the start I was so stuck for ideas, but I looked it up and people make lists of ideas for blogging on their blogs. Crazy.

So yeah, just something quickly,
Thanks for reading

What dose 'patchet: the musical' even mean?

Well, patchet is an amazing word that combines Punk and Ratchet to create one amazing word. This word originated one afternoon at school...

Me and my friend Kenny were making up dumb stuff as usual after school waiting for the bus. We pretty much spent the whole of last year in class making up stupid words, saying aut stuff and laughing like absolute retards. So we're waiting and then something happened and the two traits Punk and Ratchet were combined, bayum patchet was born.

Another one of our great words is ; emoscumisrazorbae.
We were composing music on a website in music class and we needed a title. It was originally Emo scum is Razor Bae. But, When it's out together without spaces it makes adifferent scentance. This is where kennys other nickname (RazorBae) came from.

Back to the title, the full idea of Patchet: the musical came from my other friend Diet Pill. She sugested other brilliant ideas like:

Adventures of a retard
Nah nah nah nah Betty
The faunication rifles
Their to poor to know about AIDS

 Dumb inside jokes play an important part in our lives. One geography lesson, me and kenny spent a whole lesson laughing about Ahmed Mohamed. We actually made a list the other night of all of the inside jokes that we could think of (I might post it one day).

Anyway, now you know the origin story of Patchet:The Musical's name

Thanks Lads,

10 easy New Years resolutions

New Years resolutions.
As a new year begins you start making promises to yourself that you'll improve your life. The promises are often broken within 2 weeks to a month if your lucky. Finding a good New Years resolution can be difficult but I'm here to help. Here's a collection of easy New Years resolution ideas that can help you make 2016 your year.
1. Using a Filofax/planner
   This is one of my New Years resolutions. Yesterday I went out and bought a Filofax, which is pretty much a little planner. It's got spaces for everything. I've started decorating it and filling in important dates. This is a good resolution because it's working towards you becoming more creative and organised. I'm terrible at organising myself and I think I may actually keep going for the whole year.

2. Thinking positively
     This takes no money or effort really, but will improve every day. Being optimistic can improve your life and is simple to do. This helps you to see everything in a better light and you'll find that every day is better.

3. Relaxing
    Assign a certain time every week where you can sit down and relax. Drink some chocolate milk, eat some cookies and watch films or browse the Internet (*cough *cough, my blog). This gives you something to look forward to every week.

4. Finish homework as soon as possible
   This makes your life sooooo much more easy. When you get homework, so it when you get home or after you get back from any activities. This means you'll stress less and be able to enjoy your life. It also helps to wright down your homework so your not calling up everyone you know asking what it is the night before it's due, but nobody else knows and then you all get detention. So finish your homework.

5. Organise your school books
   Every year I say at least once 'next year, I'll organise my books and wright neat'. That NEVER happens. At the start of last year I had one book for each subject. Then I used a milti subject book that became chaotic, it was falling apart and none of my sheets were glued in. Then once that had completely fallen apart I moved onto a single 150 page book which I used for about 1-2 months, then once that was full and falling apart, for the last few weeks of the school year I didn't really use anything. So this year I'm gonna do better.

6. Do not keep a packet of cookies next to your bed
    It's not gonna end well. I type this as I eat cookies in bed.

7. Walk more
  Just walk more. It's simple. If it's a short distance don't take a car or public transport. Grab some music, headphones and comftable shoes and walk around the block.

8. Clean your room once a week.
   I try every Friday of Sunday to clean my room. Throw out old papers and rubish and put everything back where it belongs. I often have clothes lying everywhere so it's good to be able to walk around without tripping over.

9. Use up old notebooks
   I always just buy notebooks but I have nothing to do with them. So here are some ideas to keep you busy:
Ramblings book
Drawing book
Note taking
Story/blog ideas
Places you want to go
People you hate lists
Lists in general
Things you need to get done but probably never will

10. Start a blog
     That's my main New Years resolution. Post things like fashion and stuff, dumb trends, self help, cars, guns, whatever you do, ect. It can be a great way to spend time and it improves your writing skills.

Well, that's all for now. I hope that gave you guys some ideas!
Thanks for reading,


Deathgasm; possibly the best thing in the world

Don't read if you get easily offended. If you do read it and get offended somehow, I don't care.

Since the dawn of time, arguments have been caused buy one simple question, what is the best thing in the world?

A lot of you will look at this and say something like, 'uhh, obviously oxygen/food/water, duhh'.

That awnser is wrong. Very very wrong.

(No spoilers)
Last year, a horror comedy film was released named Deathgasm. It's a New Zealand made film directed by Jason Lei Howden. This movie followed a boy named Brodie (coincidence?...), who moves to a small town to live with his aunt and uncle after his mom is institutionalised. His aunt and uncle are very religious and do not approve of his love of heavy metal (His uncle tried to baptise him in his sleep). He formed a heavy metal band named Deathgasm with his friends Zakk, Dion and Giles. From there, things get a bit crazy and satanic. I won't spoil it.

This movie is so mind blowing, before the actual movie part even started my life was completely changed, I saw everything in a new way. I was an small fan of metal before, had a couple of Metallica albums, listens to it from time to time in class, but this makes you want to devote your life to heavy metal and Satan.

This movie was mind blowing and changed my life, and the lives of others around me.
I give it a solid 666/666. Good job Jason Lei Howden, you really captured the essence of metal heads and their day to day lives

This movie is probably way better than '#horror', which we didn't watch cause it was too slow to load (Thank you internet gods). Normally I don't watch too many horror movies, but this is probably the best thing you'll ever see ever and nothing else will be good enough in comparison. And then your life will be a constant disappointment because nothing will be as good as this movie. Ever.

Anyway, watch the movie and post your reaction and experience in the comments.

See ya bruvs, I'm off to buy some corpse paint

Honey boo boo made a rap song?

Sup Lads

Back in September 2015, honey boo boo (Alana Tompson), made an AMAZING rap song. It's so good that I'm surprised it didn't go absolutely viral. It's actually so bad that it's good and I had to share it with you guys!

The song is called 'movin up' and  features Hone Boo Boo,, Adam Barta, Momma June, Pumpkin and sugar bear. This song is available on iTunes and the video is down below.

Sorry if that video put you through and mental pain.

Even if the song is really bad, the song stays stuck in your head for ages.
Anyway, you should follow honey boo boo on FaceBook or something. I don't really know or care. She's pretty awesome and deserves recognition for this amazing song or something.

Enjoy your obviously new favourite song bruvs, comment on how much you loved it, follow me on Google+ and don't forget to keep coming back for more posts about whatever I feel like posting about!


Sunday, 3 January 2016


Hello strangers who found their way to my blog!

My name is Brodie 
I'm a girl (yes, Brodie can be a girls name)
I have no idea what I'm doing with my life, and now I've added a blog to the insanity it already is.
I'm from straya (Australia), I moved there from london, England.
And I'm now in year 9, or freshman year for any of you Americans out there.
I'm gonna post stuff about my life and anything I find funny on the Internet.
Hopefully it'll be a mix of everything.
I don't really have many talents but I'll learn stuff to share with you guys Soon.
Cheers for now