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Thursday, 11 February 2016


Hey guys, quick update cause I haven't written anything for a while :)

I'm currently at school...
In a lockdown

If you don't know what that is, it's where someone or something dangerous is on school grounds. So we all run to classrooms and hide.

Me and my friends were sitting eating recess and the siren came on. Everyone was kinda like 'what's going on' for a minuet as we walked to find teachers who knew what was happening. Then everyone started shouting move to your next classroom. Then the panic began and everyone was rushing through the halls and people were shouting.
Teachers started to shout 'go to any classroom' and the atmosphere was pretty intense.
There were heaps of people that went into the library. I got to my class and walked in everyone was just standing still. I went to ask the teacher if we should close the blinds but she was old or something. So I had to ask like a million times.
It felt like I was the only one who knew what to do.
So know I'm sitting on the floor writing this, but I've got a panini to eat so it's fine.

Thanks for reading!