Saturday, 9 January 2016

Diet Pill

So my friend Diet Pill asked me to write about how amazing she is.

I met Diet Pill in year 1. We were in the same class. So was my other friend Taylor. They were the reason  I met my friends I had in primary school. Now I have 2 of our original primary school group left as friends, Diet Pill and Kenny. Diet Pill was there for me for pretty much the whole of primary school and still is now we've gone to high school. She has helped me through troubled times and I'm very grateful. We have so many great memories. 

Diet Pill used to do amazing fake wounds out of tissue paper and paint back in year 6 because then we weren't on any sport teams so we'd stay back at school while everyone else was out playing against other schools and do nothing for pretty much the whole of Friday.
In year 5 and 6, Diet pill was there to help me through all my dumb problems and stuff and I'm forever grateful. She understood what I was going through more than most people ever could. If it wasn't for her I don't think I could have made a full physical recovery.

In year 4 we did an activity for a term where we had to have partners. Me and Diet Pill were together and we had a group called the amazing pineapples. We were pretty much the best group ever. 
We made a short lonely planet book on Argentina and the other day we were telling some high school friends about it and we were saying how it took us a week to do but they missunderstood and thought we went to Argentina for a week. I think they still do now, because we went along with it and said we did.

We've had so many good times throughout highschool in just two years that I can't choose a few to tell you guys about. Deathgasm, the tub of milo, me puking in the night, camp, everything, running away from our friends at lunch while Kenny sacrificed himself for us. And so many others.

Diet Pills and amazing person and an inspiration to me every day.
I look up to her so much and  I'm glad to even know her, let alone have her as my best friend (and you too Kenny).
Thanks for reading guys,

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