Tuesday, 5 January 2016

27 fun things to do outside your house

Do you spend too much time inside ? I've got a solution for you. Here's my list of fun things to do out of the house.

1. Go camping with friends

2. Race shopping carts at the mall/shopping centre

3. Go out for breakfast/lunch/dinner with a group of friends

4. Picnic at a park

5. Go to the beach

6. Save up some money and go shopping

7. Do jobs for neighbours to save up money for number 6

8. Go to a waterpark or theme park 

9. Play paintball

10. Play the Walmart game (can be done at any store)
       > buy three things that will freak the cashier out the most

11. Go see little kids movies and scream in fear all the time

12. Buy 2 litres of chocolate milk and see how fast you can drink it all

13. Find a job

14. Vollunteer somewhere

15. Go swimming 

16. People watch in a busy place

17. Get a shopping trolley with your friend inside it and race other people with shopping trolleys or            prams/strollers

18. Organise yourself for next school term

19. Start photography

20. Do dumb stuff with friends 

21. Go to the cinema

22. Camp out on your front lawn/back garden

23. Go to the city and bark at people

24. Roadtrip

25. Find a new place for you and your friends to hang out

26. Walk your pet. Dosent matter what it is. Find a way.

27. Spend a whole day in bed

I'm  about 2 weeks into my school holiday, which means I've got roughly 4 more weeks left, which means I still have heaps of time to do stuff outdoors. I hope you guys  (if anyone actually reads this) have gotten ideas on what to spend your time doing outside the house so you don't end up inside forever. I may post one on what to do indoors though.
Anyway, Cheers

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