Monday, 4 January 2016

What dose 'patchet: the musical' even mean?

Well, patchet is an amazing word that combines Punk and Ratchet to create one amazing word. This word originated one afternoon at school...

Me and my friend Kenny were making up dumb stuff as usual after school waiting for the bus. We pretty much spent the whole of last year in class making up stupid words, saying aut stuff and laughing like absolute retards. So we're waiting and then something happened and the two traits Punk and Ratchet were combined, bayum patchet was born.

Another one of our great words is ; emoscumisrazorbae.
We were composing music on a website in music class and we needed a title. It was originally Emo scum is Razor Bae. But, When it's out together without spaces it makes adifferent scentance. This is where kennys other nickname (RazorBae) came from.

Back to the title, the full idea of Patchet: the musical came from my other friend Diet Pill. She sugested other brilliant ideas like:

Adventures of a retard
Nah nah nah nah Betty
The faunication rifles
Their to poor to know about AIDS

 Dumb inside jokes play an important part in our lives. One geography lesson, me and kenny spent a whole lesson laughing about Ahmed Mohamed. We actually made a list the other night of all of the inside jokes that we could think of (I might post it one day).

Anyway, now you know the origin story of Patchet:The Musical's name

Thanks Lads,

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