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Saturday, 30 January 2016

Back to school

This is not my school, we don't have lockers. They were removed because drugs were stored inside of them.

So I haven't really posted anything because I've been busy... Watching renovation shows for the last few weeks because I was pretty tired and wasn't bothered to do much else.

School holidays officially ended on Friday for me, but we had the swimming carnival so it didn't really count. So this week the school year actually starts. We've all gotten our time tables online and mines not to bad. I've got a few strict teachers and I know I've got at least one friend in each class except maths.

But the thing with maths class is nobody had any idea what's going on. They had like a seminar for student and parents, but my parents didn't even go so I can't ask them. My 23 year old cousin and her boyfriend took me. There were quite a few glances of disapproval from some other parents because of how young they were because they all thought they were my parents. But anyway, no one has a clue what's going on.

I can't even remember school that well, it's kinda been blocked from my mind. But I'm sure the memories will come flooding back as soon as I walk into my first class.

That's about it mainly cause I'm too tired to type,
Here's a photo of a goat: