Tuesday, 5 January 2016


God damn twelvies, there everywhere these days. Not all twelvies are bad though. Just the really really twelvie ones. The ones who wear 5kg of makeup on their faces, and wear denim underwear for shorts.
The worst type of twelvies
It's fine if they put on a bit of eyeliner or mascara or lipstick. But they have such young and healthy skin most of the time that they don't need any foundation or whatever. Those dresses practically don't come past their waists in that photo! And yeah, if you wanna wear shorts that's cool, but don't make them so short that they become a bloody g-string. And when people at my school carry handbags instead of backpacks it pisses me off. Most of the time they can't fit there books in there so they carry them around. They need to get a backpack big enough to hold their stuff.

Anyway, moral of the story is. If you don't want to be a twelvie, don't dress like the girls in the photo above. And don't talk about doing pot and smoking cigarettes, it's not cool. I understand that your growing up and you wear shorts a bit shorter and show a bit more skin and start using a bit of makeup, that's fine,  just don't go over the top.

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