Sunday, 10 January 2016

The Anarchy Alphabet

Last year me and Kenny made an punk alphabet and it ended up amazingly. So I've decided to share this sacred text with you guys. Enjoy

A is for Anarchy: a punk's best friend.
B is for Bollocks: never mind the-
C is for Cutting: leave it to the emos.
D is for Diesel: a mad-o
E is for Ecstasy: you know what else is bad for squirrels.
F is for F**ks: none shalt be giveth.
G is for God: We do not need any
H is for Hell: we're definitely going there.
I is for Ignorance: f**k the police.
J is for Jokes: they mean nothing.
K is for Killing: you better watch out.
L is for Lithium: a great song, a great drug
M is for Misotheism: we're out to offend.
N is for Niger (the country): We can't say their word.
O is for Offence: you better take it.
P is for Psychonaut: another name for Kenny.
Q is for Quiet: never again.
R is for a Riot: get out your flamethrower.
S is for Safety Pins: stuck through the skin.
T is for Tyranny: to be overthrown.
U is for Uranium: let's mutate a bitch
V is for Vendetta: f**k you and everything you stand for.
W is for Working Class: if only.
X is for Xanax: to calm the f**k down.
Y is for Yobs: almost chav.
Z is for Zeppelin: Led.

Thanks for reading guys, add any comments on what I should post about,

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