Thursday, 7 January 2016

Making Money

It's that time of the year, where I've spent all of my money on friends presents and stuff on sale from Christmas. I literally have $7.65 and some other loose change lying around my room. But, I now have cool shirts so it's ok. So since I have almost no money, here are some ways to make extra money.

Get a part time job:
I can't cause I'm too young, but getting a part time job locally is a great idea. You learn skills for the future and make at least minimum wage (results may vary depending on state or country). Keeping it local is also a key point so that it's easy to get to. And when you work in a local area, other possible employers may see you, and know that you have expirience when contemplating hiring you.

Walk dogs:
A lot of people don't have enough time to walk their dogs and will pay you to do it. Just make sure your strong enough to walk the dogs without them running off. That'll take quite a bit of explaining to their owners.

Do jobs for neighbours:
Ask if your neighbours need any jobs done, like gardening and house work.

Do jobs for parents:
Ask your parents if they have anything for you to do to earn some extra money.

You can make flyers to put up around your neighbourhood. It helps to have some kind of training, like a first aid course or some previous jobs. It also helps if you don't run around lighting barbie dolls on fire and sitting at the gas station late at night so you can keep a good reputation. Parents will talk about how you did with other parents, so if your good at baby sitting people will find out and you'll get more jobs.

Bad  ways of making money (highly not suggested)

There are quite a few different bad ideas for making money, these include;
Selling drugs
Borrowing money off mafia groups
Selling your kidneys or other organs
Kidnaping kids to sell to pedofiles
Mercenarie or assassin jobs

I hope you guys find these ideas useful and now know that it's not ok to kidnap kids,

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