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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

I'm a minister now?

Last night I was really tired so I decided to sign up as a minister with the Universal Life Church and the American Marriages Ministry. So now I can preform weddings and baptise people. So if your in Sydney and thinking about getting married, contact me ( ) and I'll do the marrying thing for you and your fiancé.

The other night, it was 4:00am and me and my friend Kenny were sitting on the couch at his place while our friends Diet Pill and Alex were upstairs sleepin. We were at the stage where your really tired and everything is hillarious and you get crazy ideas. Well we were watching pop Asia and the tweets from people watching the show came up. So we started shouting and made a Twitter account so we could post a comment. But by the time we finished the show was over. For some reason at the time we thought we were the funniest people on earth.

That's about it, thanks for reading, comment on anything weird you've done while really tired, drunk or high,