Friday, 8 January 2016

Keeping your house safe from burglars

How to keep your house safe from burglars

Any good burglar knows how to use symbols to mark out traits of a house right? If your not a good burglar, or not a burglar at all then you probably have know idea what I'm talking about.
Well, burglars draw or mark different symbols outside houses and each have different meanings that will aid their fellow burglars in breaking in.
Here are some examples


So now I've explained what they are, here's how to keep the burglars away.
Draw small symbols on your driveway or near by, not too noticeable, but if someone was looking for them  they'd see. Draw symbols that say things about how secure your house is.Eg:
Nothing worth stealing
Police active - avoid
Burglar alarm
Pointless trying
Avoid area
High risk

These will put the burglars off stealing from your house.

I do not recomend using these instead of a burgalar alarm system or any of the protection systems above in the list. I do suggest installing at least one of these. This is just a joke cause I was bored and had no ideas. But these Symbols are used so be careful.

Don't sue me.

I hope this entertained you,

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