Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Going Back to school - Friends

 After spending a year with people in your class, making new friends and forming new bonds. It can be difficult to keep those relationships going because of changing classes. Every year in high school becomes more busy than the last.

What happened to me last year didn't end too well.
So in Yr 7, I made a friend in my class. We became best friends throughout the year and did a lot together. It was pretty great. Then, in Yr 8, we weren't in the same classes and we didn't spend as much time with each other because we weren't in the same class. She became pretty rude and made up problems to get attention from my friend Diet Pill. This is how I knew that we obviously weren't meant to be best friends, because we didn't keep connected with this lack of bonding time.

If even after problems, class changes and other hurdles to overcome in life. If you still best friends with someone, even with arguments, there worth staying friends with.

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