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Monday, 11 January 2016

What I send time on on the Internet Browsing

Here's a short list of people and websites I follow on the Internet and pretty much how I spend my time.

9gag is one of those websites where people post pictures and stuff and you like or comment or whatever

Pretty much the same as 9gag

Exploring With Josh:
This guy makes videos where he explores old abandoned places like schools, mental hospitals, ect. It's surprisingly amazing and entertaining to watch

College Humor:
Another website where people post stuff.

Some news, some whatever people want to post.

It's pretty much just pages and pages of random semi demonic seaming text with little to no grammar and random codes that I rummage through looking for some kind of inspiration I guess. Apparently it was written by a schizophrenic man. I give it a solid 5/7.

One of the first links that came up when I was browsing different blogs. I clicked on it and it's pretty good.

Thought Catalog:
People post articles of whatever they want.

I was kinda stuck for ideas since it's Monday so I posted this. Thanks for reading,